Sunday, September 11, 2011


If I told you I needed new waders, I would only be partially right. My current pair of breathable White Rivers are still serviceable and have performed admirably since my introduction to fly fishing. Sure, they're patched and sealed, but that's to be expected from years of use. But after borrowing a pair of Simms last year in Montana, I realized that I need to take my waders to the next level -- or in the case of Simms, maybe four or five levels.

When I first began fly fishing a number of years ago, I didn't know the role it would play in my life. What became merely an extension of my fishing hobby has turned into a bone-fide passion. Such a passion, in fact, that I hope to make it part of my livelihood one day. With this ambitions in mind, I decided to add of pair of Simms G3 guide waders to my arsenal of fishing equipment. The fit is near perfect, with enough room to negotiate challenging wading situations, but still comfortable.

Those G3s will make their debut at Ohio Casting for Recovery's annual retreat at the end of September. I'll be volunteering as a river guide, helping women attending the program enjoy a day on the water and hopefully catch fish. Then it's off to Colorado to break in those G3s on some trout and carp.