Saturday, July 7, 2012


Over the past six months, I've been hosting a weekly chat on Twitter. On Thursday nights at 9 EDT, a nice group of guys and gals meet up to talk about topics related to casting -- with particular emphasis on fly casting. As the host, I am charged with establishing a topic for the night's discussion, but as things go, the conversations usually ebb and flow around the pre-established theme. Such is the nature of these chats.

The impetus for Casting chat came from my desire to connect with other anglers who were interested in taking the Certified Casting Instructor's exam sponsored by the Federation of Fly Fishers. Under my original conception, the chat would function as a Twitter "study group" where we'd discuss the major components of the test, pose questions to each other, and build a repository of reference material under the hashtag #castingchat. How cool would it be to use social media to help anglers train for the fly casting exam? Of all the available social media platforms, Twitter seemed the best suited for this task.

As the first few sessions of Casting chat demonstrated, though, the number of fly fishers pursuing certification was small -- perhaps too small for the structure I initially conceived. But I still noticed general interest in having a chat devoted to fly casting. Fish nuts love fishing. It only seemed natural that Casting chat would provide another avenue to talk fishing. And frankly, at the end of the day, that's what drives us. Casting chat has etched a small place in the Twitter landscape, and for this, I am grateful.

So what is Casting chat? I think the best answer is that Casting chat is really Presentation chat. Every aspect of one's presentation influences the topics I suggest. Techniques, equipment and personal practice habits are just some of the issues we discuss on a weekly basis. And the level of our chatters' fly casting range from absolute beginner to seasoned veteran. Everyone contributes to the discussion in their own way, which gives us a variety of vantage points and experience levels to draw upon.

Looking for a way to spend an enjoyable hour on Thursday? Have a question about your fly cast?  Need recommendations for equipment? Searching for the best knots? Want to share a story about that latest pig you caught? Join us on Thursday at 9 PM EDT. Search under the hashtag #castingchat and participate in the conversion. We'd love to have you.


  1. I'm proud to drop in when I can - I salute you for conceiving and carrying on this idea. Making our community stronger.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Austin. Appreciate it!

  3. Great job on "Casting Chat" Andy! It's been fun, educational, and Twitter is a very good site for all fishing related conversations!

  4. Good job on #castingchat Andy! Nice blog.

  5. Thanks Deb and Mike. I need to get back on this blogging thing!