Monday, April 8, 2013

A Resolution

For more than a few years, I've had some ambition to become a certified casting instructor through the Federation of Fly Fishers. The fly fishing industry considers the FFF program to be the gold standard for training highly qualified educators -- those skilled both in the art of teaching and in the techniques of fly casting. I have understood, at least in theory, the intense preparation this exam demands. But I never developed the wherewithal or discipline to see this goal to completion. There was always tomorrow; another day of contemplation, another opportunity for inaction.

In common parlance, I would be defined as a late bloomer. I am still traveling down the road of self discovery, trying to find my place in the world. Fly fishing - and by extension fly casting - have become important parts of my identity. When the cruelties of life kick me in the face, I take solace in the realization that fly fishing is one of my perpetual joys, sustaining me through hardships that come my way.

Everyone develops at their own pace. I think now is my time. I am ready to invest myself into earning the FFF designation as a certified fly casting instructor. The journey will be long and have many bumps along the way, perhaps even a detour or two. But my commitment to the process is unwavering. If I believe in myself and follow my heart, I will accomplish this long term goal and move closer to finding my place in this life.

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  1. fishing is defiantly a good get away from life's hard ships a men